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Rolled in a warm pita, with tzatziki sauce, crisp rocket, red onion & tomatoes. Available in single or double options. The double option includes two portions of filling.

Single Double
Lamb R100 R125
Chicken R65 R85
Pork R70 R90
Beef Fillet R100 R125
Greek Bifteki "Authentic Greek patty made with mince, feta & herbs" R75 R95
Sheftalia "A traditional Cypriot lamb & pork sausage" R70 R90
Chorizo & Egg R75 -
Grilled Halloumi R69 R89
Melanzano & Falafel R60 R70
Falafel R60 R70
Calamari Tubes R100 R125
Prawn R100 R125

Signature Yiro's

ODYSSEUS | Prawn & chicken, grilled red peppers, red onion, tomato, rocket & taramosalata or tzatziki sauce R139
HERCULES | Beef Fillet, grilled peppers, melanzano, red onion, tomato, rocket & tahinosalata sauce R139
ACHILLES | Chicken & halloumi, grilled red peppers, red onion, tomato, rocket & tzatziki sauce R139
LEO THE ALITI | Pork, fried red onions, fried mushrooms, parsley, chilli & hummus sauce R139


Served with a horiatiki salad, warm pita bread, tzatziki sauce & fresh chillies.

2 Grilled Lamb Skewers R140
2 Grilled Chicken Skewers R115
2 Grilled Pork Skewers R135
2 Grilled Beef Fillet Skewers R145
2 Grilled Greek Bifteki "Authentic Greek patty made with mince, feta & herbs" R120
Grilled Skinny Lamb Chops 250g R149
Grilled Skinny Pork Chops 250g R129
Grilled Greek Chicken Chops 200g “Strips from a whole chicken grilled to perfection with a hint of chilli” R99
4 Sheftalia "A traditional Cypriot lamb & pork sausage" R115
Melanzano & Falafel R99
Falafel R75
4 Grilled Halloumi Sticks R100
Grilled Calamari Tubes R139
2 Grilled Prawn Skewers R135


MIXED PLATTER | Lamb skewer, chicken skewer, bifteki patty R165
VEGETARIAN PLATTER 6 falafel, 4 tiropita, 4 spanakopita, spartan slaw & hummus sauce R125


Pick & choose your own platter.

Lamb Skewer R47
Chicken Skewer R28
Pork Skewer R28
Beef Fillet Skewer R47
Greek Bifteki "Authentic Greek patty made with mince, feta & herbs" R32
Loukaniko "Greek sausage made from lamb & pork" R37
Chorizo R35
Skinny Lamb Chops 250g R129
Skinny Lamb Chops 500g R220
Skinny Lamb Chops 1kg R390
Skinny Pork Chops 250g R120
Skinny Pork Chops 500g R190
Skinny Pork Chops 1kg R360
Greek Chicken Chops 200g “Strips from a whole chicken grilled to perfection with a hint of chilli” R47
Sheftalia "A traditional Cypriot pork and lamb sausage" R47
Stavro's Chicken Livers "Served with a portion of Teazers (deep fried pita bread)" R49


From the Ocean

Calamari Tubes R49
Prawn Skewer R47
Pickled Octopus R39
Squid Heads R39
Sardine R20


Dolmades R39
Falafel R39
Grilled Peppers R39
Grilled Brinjal R29
Grilled Vegetables R35
Grilled Halloumi R32
Grilled Vegetarian Patty (zuchini, potatoe, chick peas & pumpkin) R35
Grilled Chilli Feta R44
Feta Meze R44
Spanakopita (feta & spinach) R14
Tiropita (feta) R14
Mixed Olives R35
Broad Beans R49



Potato Wedges R35
Pita Bread R20
Teazers "Deep fried pita bread sprinkled with herbs & salt" R20


Spartan Slaw "Red cabbage, white cabbage, carrots & our Orexi dressing" R27
Horiatiki Salad "Traditional Greek salad" R49
Couscous Salad "Couscous, butternut, broccoli, cauliflower & tahini sauce" R49
Chickpea Salad "Chick peas, feta, peppers, coriander with a lemon & olive oil dressing" R49
Rocket Salad "Fresh rocket, beetroot, roasted pumpkin, crumbed feta and mixed seeds with our Orexi dressing" R49


Yiayia's Kitchen

Baked Moussaka served with a Horiatiki salad & tzatziki sauce (Layers of potatoe, melanzano and ground mince topped with bechamel sauce) R150
Youvetsi Rice with any of your preferred 2 skewers & tzatziki sauce (Orzo pasta (pasta rice) with a delicious red sauce, diced peppers, red onions & mushrooms) R150


Beef & Chicken Combo (Serves 4)

4 Chicken skewers, 4 bifteki patties, 400g chicken chops, spartan slaw, potato wedges, 4 pita breads, 4 dips R640
Vegetarian Combo (Serves 4)

8 Falafel, 4 halloumi sticks, 4 dolmades, 2 feta, 2 chilli feta, potato wedges, spartan slaw, mixed olives, 4 pita breads, 4 dips R550
Platter for 2

2 Skewers of your choice, 2 lamb chops, 200g chicken chops, spartan slaw, grilled vegetables, 2 halloumi sticks, 2 pita breads, 2 dips R330


Tzatziki - Yoghurt & cucumber & garlic R27
Eggplant - Crushed eggplant R27
Hummus - Mashed chick peas R27
Tirokafteri - Feta & chilli R27
Tarama - Salted roe from certain fish with olive oil & lemon juice R27
Olive Tapanaki - Mashed black olives R27
Tahinosalata - Crushed sesame seeds R27
Skordalia - Puree of potatoes & garlic R27
Sweet Chilli R8



Baclava "A layered pastry dessert made from phylo pastry, filled with chopped nuts & sweetened with honey" R39
Galaktoboureko "Semolina custard baked in a layered phylo pastry sweetend with honey" R30
Honey Pot "Layers of honey, Greek yoghurt and roasted almonds" R39
Loukoumades "Bite size fluffy, honey balls, sprinkled with cinnamon and garnished with honey OR chocolate tossed with roasted almonds" R39
Pistachio Halva & Ice-cream "A traditional sweet candy made from sesame paste, grated over creamy ice-cream" R45
Poseidon's Sweet Tooth "Greek sour cherries (but rather sweet) served with ice-cream or Greek yoghurt" R39
Ice-cream Scoop / Soft serve R12
Bar-One sauce R10

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