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Join us for a relaxed street food style dining experience.

At Orexi Greek Streek Food you will find a lively, cosy and inviting atmosphere where the best of traditional Greek cuisine can be enjoyed together with family and friends. Grab a classic Yiro to go, or sit down and savour a flavourful platter of meze style dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients.

We are open for lunch and dinner, from Tuesday to Sunday

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Established 2020

Food is woven into the fabric of Greek culture.

It has to do with much more than just food and flavours. Ingredients, preparation time, the environment, atmosphere and the culture of sharing dishes with others all add to the experience.

Our Menu

Whether Greek cuisine is your favourite or you have never tasted the foods and flavours of the Mediterranean, our menu offers the best of traditional Greek Street Food, with a variety of simple but sophisticated dishes to suit every palate.

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The Greek Evil Eye

The Greek evil eye, or mati, is a curse given by one person to another by projecting negativity through jealousy, anger, or hostility.

When a person wears or carries an evil eye with them, it guards against misfortune. The evil eye also brings good luck and protects against negativity.

We have chosen the evil eye as our icon to protect and bring prosperity to our patrons and staff. It is also a unique and distinct symbol of our Greek heritage that we are proud to share with everyone who visits Orexi Greek Street Food.

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